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Beginner Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:09 hours:minutes
How do we deal with ourselves when we're less than perfect? Listen in as Kathleen guides you through a 6-step exercise in empathic presence based on Marshall Rosenberg's Self-Empathy process.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:07 hours:minutes
Listen in as Kit presents a 4-step practice for developing nonviolence as a way of harnessing energy for change: what Gandhi called Truth Force, or Satyagraha.
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Beginner Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:11 hours:minutes
Want to expand your needs vocabulary, and build your capacity to identify needs — even when you’ve been triggered? Check out Mary’s powerful teaching on Self-Empathy.
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:56 hours:minutes
Learn the fundamental principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and you will gain useful communication tools you can apply in all aspects of your life. This audio is recommended if you’d enjoy a short introduction to NVC or a quick refresher.
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:27 hours:minutes
Bridget Belgrave, CNVC Certified Trainer from the United Kingdom, talks with an interviewer after he attends an NVC and Dance Floors workshop with her. The interviewer shares his reaction to the term "Nonviolent Communication."
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:29 hours:minutes
In this learning module, Jim and Jori Manske will lead you through a presence exercise, provide an overview of presence and give you daily exercises you can use to develop your “presence muscle.”
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:23 hours:minutes
In this introductory audio with CNVC Certified Trainers, Jim and Jori Manske, you will learn the difference between an observation and an evaluation, and how discerning between the two improves your ability to stay present in the moment. Included are daily practices for developing your…
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:44 hours:minutes
In this intriguing audio, Jim and Jori Manske create a framework for growing your feeling awareness, and offer daily practices for working with your feelings.
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:39 hours:minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainer Mary Mackenzie to learn a few of her tried-and-true simple Self Empathy techniques, especially focused on the challenges of the holiday season.
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