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Beginner Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:09 hours:minutes
How do you speak your “No” when you fear retribution or a backlash, and all you want is love and protection? Listen in as Kristin leads participants through a unique process designed to help you feel less afraid and enable you to more easily cope…
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:30 hours:minutes
People often want to be supportive of group process, but don't always know how. The facilitator's role is to help the group process move forward while simultaneously supporting every individual, so all move forward together.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:08 hours:minutes
How do you build new learning paths and change old practices? Listen as David presents the elements of somatic practice — including those that build new learning paths — and discover where that learning “sweet spot” is!
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Beginner Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:45 hours:minutes
Responding to a Painful Comment: How do you carry on a conversation when someone’s comment has had an impact on you? And what happens when two intentions clash because of different perspectives? Here’s Roxy’s powerful, common sense approach.
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Beginner Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:03 hours:minutes
NVC feelings and needs consciousness can be a transformative and sturdy foundation for all decisions, structures, and relationships created in a school setting — whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or child.
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Beginner Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:15 hours:minutes
David explores how movement helps you hold your center when navigating challenging conversations. Example: Move to Wind ~ to calm your system; Move to Ground ~ to notice the ground on which you stand; and Step to Shikaku ~ step behind to practice empathic listening.…
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:07 hours:minutes
Sarah Peyton explains how your brain's left hemisphere excels at pattern making. NVC can help integrate both hemispheres, enabling you to use the left side's love of patterns for abstract thinking.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  00:05 hours:minutes
NVC groups can sometimes get caught in a rut and lose energy and momentum. Mary shares her extensive experience with seven steps for keeping your group engaged and energized.
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Video (Public)  •  26:59 hours/minutes
This is a documentary of the use of Nonviolent Communication at Euclid High School, Ohio, in a history class with a teacher practicing NVC accompanied by CNVC Certified Trainer Catherine Cadden.
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