Empathy Hacking: How to Streamline Your NVC Practice and Make Empathy Second Nature

5/8/19 - 6/12/19 • 6 - 8 Hours (6 sessions)
How can YOU become an Empathy Wizard with anyone and in any situation — even situations that are deeply challenging? Come find out in this course recording with Dian! Learn to hack empathy and in the process gain greater naturalness, flow, and ease in your NVC practice — as well as new ways of seeing and practicing NVC!

From Awareness to Action: Creating Bridges Across Differences

 • 6 - 8 hours (6 sessions)
For many people, attempting to connect with others across differences can feel akin to walking through a minefield. In this course recording Roxy explores a variety of concepts and practices that can help you navigate situations that might be confusing, challenging, or even shocking. And she'll be delving into key differentiations, such as equity and equality. This recording will offer a renewed sense of clarity around a number of theories that may help explain specifically why the areas of power, advantage, and rank tend to be so difficult to work with.

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