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Create a Flourishing Life with Gratitude

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:28 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:28 hours:minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainer Jori Manske in an exploration of how gratitude can enable you to remain more present moment to moment, thus enabling you to flourish in your life!

Living Room Radio Show (Parts 7-9)

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:15 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:15 hours:minutes
Miki Kashtan hosts Living Room Radio Show on KPFA Radio 94.1FM in Berkeley, California, USA. Listen as she works with guests of the show to deal with some of their personal struggles.

NVC, Social Change and the Occupy Movement (Part 1)

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:45 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:45 hours:minutes
CNVC Certified Trainers Catherine Cadden, Jesse Wiens and Miki Kashtan join NVC Academy co-founder Mark Schultz in a discussion of Nonviolent Communication and social change in the context of the Occupy Movement.

Forming, Uniting and Nurturing NVC Communities

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:52 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:52 hours:minutes
Please join us as we take a deeper look into this mysterious word, “community.” In this Trainer Dialogue recording, we explore the living process of creating, uniting and nurturing NVC communities so that they transcend yet sustain and empower their members.

Living Without Enemies

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 01:18 hours/minutes
Beginner Skill Level
01:18 hours/minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan as she explores enemy images to increase your capacity to embrace life more fully. Free yourself from the “us-them” paradigm and experience true compassion for the people whose actions most trouble you.

Connected Parenting: Making Observations

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:07 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:07 hours:minutes
In this brief audio snippet, CNVC Certified Trainer and founder of the CNVC Parenting Project, Inbal Kashtan, explores observation in contrast to interpretation, and leads an exercise in observation.

Introduction to NVC Mediation: Conceptual Overview and Experiential Learning and Practice

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 01:13 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
01:13 hours:minutes
This Introduction to NVC Mediation provides a conceptual overview and experiential taste of the NVC mediation learning model developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.

Feast for the Soul: Awakening

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:53 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:53 hours:minutes
From the depths of internal winter to the melting open in the warm sunshine of spring to rest in the ocean of Spirit, this poetry is a journey of discovering deep Presence through the human experiences so many of us share.

NVC in Hostage Negotiations and Hospitals: An Interview

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:21 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:21 hours:minutes
In this inspiring interview, Wes Taylor relays a story of how Nonviolent Communication is successfully used in law enforcement, and some of his challenges and joys in infusing Nonviolent Communication into a Maryland hospital culture.

Living the Self-in-Life (Part 1)

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio • 00:30 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:30 hours:minutes
During this very moving session, you'll dive into Robert's exercises for supporting connection to your true self as opposed to your conditioned self.

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