Harvest: Setting Three Intentions

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio (Public) •  8 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
8 minutes

How have have you suffered by making resolutions, and not going as far with them as you wanted? Join Kristin in setting three intentions instead of resolutions: one for your body, one for a close relationship, and one for the larger world!

Dealing with Loss: Coming Back to Life (Complete Course)

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio •  02:55 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
02:55 hours:minutes
This gentle, healing telecourse recording will assist you in unearthing feelings and issues that have become tangled up with loss, enabling you to face whatever is blocking your grief.

Harvest 2019: Setting Intentions with Attention

All Skill Levels •  Video Conference •  6 hours (2 hours per session)
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
6 hours (2 hours per session)
Would you like to completely break away from New Year’s resolutions? Join Kristin for this delightfully warm journey into setting your intentions instead! Together you’ll: 1) explore how satisfied you are today with four important areas of your life; 2) assess your current and past relationships to life; and 3) learn how to give and capture empathy for your future self!

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