All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  10.5 hours (1.5 hours per session)
Every one of us is impacted many times each day by micro-freezes that are the resulting fallout from both recent and long ago painful events. During this powerfully healing course, Sarah will walk you through a unforgettable tour of neuroscience, and succinctly demonstrate how NVC and neuroscience together can change your brain and enable your life to become both more fluid and far more resilient.
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  90 minutes
It is important to acknowledge that privilege exists. You don’t have to feel guilty or defensive about it, it’s not that we’re bad, it’s actually biologically based. Privilege can show up in regard to access to education, housing or career or it can have a much more subtle impact on our sense of belonging and self-worth. Together we will learn to understand privilege and how to use it to bring more harmony to our lives.
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  75 minutes
If you’ve ever made a point of trying to be kinder, more compassionate and less judgmental of yourself – and then not been able to do it… did you kick yourself even further down the rabbit hole of self-disapproval, did you wonder how to end the unstoppable downward spiral?
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  12 Hours (2 hours per session)
Does your inner dialog sound supportive and encouraging - or more like you’re being yelled at by a critical task-master?
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  7 hours
What’s NEW in NVC? Find out! Join us for our June summit and find out what four of today’s new trainers are teaching and thinking about! They’ll be delving into topics such as how being in a relationship makes your brain grow… ways you can channel anxiety into hear-able expressions of care… strategies for turning difficult life situations into meaningful growth opportunities… and the beauty of celebrating who you are right now in all your messy, armored, insecure, and vulnerable glory!
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