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What exactly IS empathy? Empathy is the connection that happens between you and another when you experience your differences while holding on to underlying threads of commonality. In this course, John will be sharing in-depth practices designed to give you the ability to speak and listen from a place of empathic presence, as well as a Self-Connection Practice specially formulated to help you come back to that empathy connection when you’ve gotten triggered into “fight-flight-freeze.”

Additional Info

  • Skill Level All Skill Levels
  • Tagline Learn how to quickly reconnect with yourself and return to empathic presence when you’ve been triggered!
  • Start Date 6/19/19 - 7/24/19
  • Amount $248.00 - $315.00
  • Downloads All registrants receive access to course recordings
  • Duration 9 hours (1.5 hours per session)
  • Multi Trainer Num 1
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