Moving from Fault to Cause: Looking for Systemic Solutions to White Supremacy

All Skill Levels •  Article •  Read time: 13 - 19 minutes
All Skill Levels
Read time: 13 - 19 minutes
We can see throughout many examples in history that when we look for "who" is at fault, and thereby seek social change through shaming that person (or that group), it tends to lead to disastrous long term consequences. Even if it works in the short term. Instead, if we want to end cycles of violence we can seek to understand systemic causes and context of individuals' behaviour. And from there, look for solutions that stem from this understanding.

Anatomy of a Trigger: Change Your Focus and Improve the Outcome

Beginner Skill Level •  Article •  Read time: 7-10 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
Read time: 7-10 minutes
When you or anyone is upset, what could underneath it all?  There may be more than is immediately visible.  This article invites us to explore what it looks like to inquire deeper, take self-responsibility, examine our assumptions, attachments, interpretations, and "certainties" that could be hidden behind the needs that are aching to be attended to...

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