The Shadow in Human Relationship

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio (Public) •  11 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
11 minutes
What don't we know about ourselves? Our unconscious contracts impact us, our shadow selves, and our relationships. In this snippet, Sarah uses her own unconscious contract to demonstrate navigating through reactions to today’s political environment. Listen.

Reframing OFNR for the Workplace

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  00:07 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:07 hours:minutes

Listen in as Dian reframes the 4 steps of NVC (observations, feelings, needs, requests) into everyday words you might hear at work.

This training segment is free for all to enjoy.

What Would Be Possible If I Loved Myself? (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  3 - 5 hours
Beginner Skill Level
3 - 5 hours

Join Kathleen for a gentle, compassionate exploration and embracing of your true self. Reclaim your self-worth, experience greater freedom when expressing your self and actually celebrate who you are in the world.  Delve into what self-love is and is not – including how to distinguish self-worth from negative cultural labels such as self-obsession and selfishness.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Observing without Judgment

Introductory Skill Level •  Trainer Tip •  Read time: 1-2 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
Trainer Tip
Read time: 1-2 minutes
Trainer Tip: Today, identify the facts, without adding your ideas about why people behave in certain ways. Then consider connecting with the person about what was going on with them. You will find that the more you observe life without judgment and evaluation, the more open you will be to hearing and connecting with other people.

Mediating Conflict Conversations with Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio •  00:44 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:44 hours:minutes

Mediating a conflict conversation can be challenging – but with tools and practice, that challenge can be transformed. If you're curious about the specific steps needed to achieve that transformation, join John for an exploration of his non-dual mindfulness practice.

NVC and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

with Maurizio Cortesi and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei
Intermediate Skill Level •  Video •  00:42 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:42 hours:minutes

Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction are both life-giving practices, deeply rooted in our natural abilities for attention, care, empathy, and compassion.

Join Stephanie and Maurizio guide us through an exploration of both Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and others.

The Heart of Conflict (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  08:50 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
08:50 hours:minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainers and Mediators Jori and Jim Manske in an exploration of using Nonviolent Communication in the context of Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

NVC Basics: A Foundational Course (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  06:49 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
06:49 hours:minutes
Sylvia Haskvitz uses 20+ years of experience to introduce the core concepts of Nonviolent Communication, leaving you grounded in the basics and ready to make transformative improvements to the quality of your communication.

Using NVC When the Going Gets Rough: Someone Yelling at You? Getting Beyond Freezing or Shouting Back

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  00:41 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:41 hours:minutes
Irmtraud shares the strategies she developed for herself to connect empathically even when someone is yelling at her.

Using NVC When the Going Gets Rough: Empathy for the Roots of Rage: Time, Anger and the Brain

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  00:48 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:48 hours:minutes
Do you ever experience being overtaken by your anger or rage, almost as if you have no choice, once the avalanche begins? When the enormity of our anger far exceeds the circumstances that elicit it, we are often dealing with deep roots of pain - learn how to work with these roots with empathy.

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