Godfrey Spencer

Godfrey Spencer

CNVC Certified Trainer from THEUX, Liege, Belgium

Godfrey Spencer read linguistics, philosophy and history at the University of Cambridge where he was awarded an honours MA. He consolidated his professional skills by becoming an NLP Practitioner in London, which he followed up first with a Masters course in France and then with a second in the US. He also trained with the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management. Since 1997 he has specialised in the NVC process and is a CNVC Certified Trainer and Consultant. He served as a Director on the Board of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Since 1998, he has been engaged in European countries and the USA taking NVC to institutions and businesses through conferences, training sessions, mediations, coaching and consultations. He has been awarded contracts with universities, schools, bar associations, the judiciary, hospitals and corporations.

Website: Girasol

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