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Rachelle Lamb

Rachelle Lamb

CNVC Certified Trainer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Rachelle Lamb is the president of Mindful Communication based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her lifelong interest in personal development and relationship dynamics, along with her ability to address the unique needs of her audiences, consistently produces powerful learning experiences.

Rachelle's interest in communication became a primary focus in 2000 when she met author and international peacemaker, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. She found Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process to be so transformational that she trained with Dr. Rosenberg and was later certified in 2002 by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Rachelle is a senior CNVC Certified Trainer in Canada. She has been interviewed by newspapers, radio and television and has been invited to co-train at International Intensive Trainings (IIT) with Dr. Rosenberg. She is the author and publisher of ’Steps To Conscious Living' (2000) and NVC Communication Basics: A Concise Overview of Nonviolent Communication (2003).

She is available for keynotes and in-house trainings.

Website: Mindful Communication

Can Needs Be Harmful?

Rachelle Lamb invites us to consider how our well being is impacted by what we choose to put at the center of our narrative regarding our needs.  And how that affects whether or not we get closer to truly serving life and compassion...

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Making the Most of Meetings: Proven Steps to Boost Meeting Productivity and Enjoyment

Rachelle offers proven steps to substantially boost meeting productivity and efficiency, and make meetings more productive and enjoyable for everyone, when using NVC.
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Unappreciated is NOT a Feeling

Unappreciated, Judged, Disrespected, Offended, Manipulated ... people use these words to describe feelings but these are all words that describe interpretations instead. They're also words that get people's backs up. Talk about unproductive! The solution? Develop a vocabulary of feelings so you can minimize defensiveness in others and facilitate connection.
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