Arnina Kashtan, Emma Quayle, Miki Kashtan, & Sharon Carmel

Arnina Kashtan, Emma Quayle, Miki Kashtan, & Sharon Carmel

Arnina Kashtan
Arnina Kashtan, certified CNVC trainer (1992), is the creator of “The Compass,” an integral roadmap for personal, familial, and collective liberation, and author of Falling in Love with Myself Again (2016). Founder of Meitarim, the Center for The Compass and NVC Studies in Israel (2000), she delivers workshops and trainings internationally, online and offline, to the general public, as well as vocational trainings for coaches, mediators, and trainers (in Hebrew, English, and Spanish).

Arnina specializes in transcending anger, fear, guilt, and shame, working with limiting patterns and beliefs, and transforming painful, non-serving thinking into compassionate consciousness. Her passion and special gifts are in enhancing breakthroughs in awareness, thus bringing forth deep transformations on all levels, providing innovative yet practical ways to liberate ourselves from social and familial influences and accompany others on their journeys.; for information about The Compass courses in English:; (Look for her courses, The Compass and Falling in Love with Myself Again in NVC Academy). 

Emma Quayle
Emma is a founding member of the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community and has been applying and experimenting with the framework since 2017. Her explorations began in a community and organisational context and then moved to working with individuals. In parallel, she embarked on a deeper engagement with Arnina’s body of work, The Compass, and took a lead in holding the integration between The Compass and the NGL framework as a whole. These efforts then pushed forward the development, deepening, and naming of the “Vision Mobilization Framework” in collaboration with Miki and Verene Nicolas. 

Emma holds coaching calls for Vision Mobilisation (VM) within NGL which is gradually nurturing the potential of more VM facilitators to bring this work to the world as a rapid path of increasing capacity to respond to current global needs. 

Miki Kashtan
Miki Kashtan is a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) and of the Nonviolent Global Liberation community (NGL). Miki focuses strongly on how, in times of global crisis, we can mobilize together to increase the chances of a livable future using collaborative tools based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication. Her latest book, The Highest Common Denominator: Using Convergent Facilitation to Reach Breakthrough Collaborative Decisions (2021) delves deeply into how collaborative decisions can be made within groups without having to wait for all of us to be transformed.  

Miki blogs at The Fearless Heart and her articles have appeared in the New York Times ("Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech"), Tikkun, Waging Nonviolence, Shareable, Peace and Conflict, and elsewhere. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from UC Berkeley. More...

Sharon Carmel
Sharon has been teaching and facilitating groups and organizational processes since 2004. In recent years she’s been teaching NVC and also mediated between couples and groups using the principles of NVC, restorative circles, and Convergent Facilitation. Sharon is a CNVC certification candidate and also part of NGL’s Provider Apprenticeship Program. Miki’s and Arnina’s work has had a huge influence on the way Sharon thinks and teaches and she has spent the last three years being their practitioner, digging in their materials, experimenting with them and implementing them in a wide range of contexts. Sharon has been a member of a collaborative movement for social change in Israel for the last 18 years (Dror-Israel), and has had the opportunity to engage with communities, teams, and organizations with the aim of supporting finding beneficial ways to live and work together. She believes wholeheartedly in the possibility of a world that serves life and is focused on finding solutions that work for everyone.

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