Lorraine Aguilar

Lorraine Aguilar

CNVC Certified Trainer

Lorraine Aguilar is a leadership development consultant and CNVC Certified NVC trainer whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations and Special Olympics. Through her company, Working Harmony, Inc., Lorraine and her colleagues help leaders maximize their collective power to achieve meaningful results for:

  • Their organization
  • The people they serve
  • All stakeholders

Working Harmony, Inc. realizes this mission by delivering customized training, executive coaching, retreats and speaking services that empower leaders with the essential skills and tools to work collaboratively.

Lorraine perceives NVC-based listening to be an essential skill to cultivate for success in the business world. A key exercise for building your listening muscle is to work with your judgments of others by translating those judgments from “What’s wrong with them?” to “What's important to me?”
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