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Olga Nguyen

Olga Nguyen

Olga Nguyen has been drawing and painting since 1984. She has been exploring and sharing Neuroart since 2017 . Olga also brings to it her skills as CNVC CT (since 2012): she has been sharing NVC in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Malaysia since 2007. Olga is also an assessor-in-training for CNVC. Olga shares Neuroart in live courses in Russian via her Russian website and in English at https://nvcheart.teachable.com

Learn a quick Visual NVC meditation to self-connect when facing huge events such as a pandemic or social injustice, and discover how art can support you in connecting with feelings, needs, and energy when you are in a tight spot.

  • Meet your creative self – even if you never have met them before
  • Learn to express your needs and feelings with line and color
  • Transform whatever is preventing you from making life wonderful
  • Discover how visual journaling adds color and fun to your life