Arnina Kashtan

Arnina Kashtan

CNVC Certified Trainer from Ramat-Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel

Arnina Kashtan is the founder of Meitarim, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Israel, which delivers workshops and training to individuals and groups, couples and parents, teachers and psychologists, as well as social, governmental and business organizations. In 2004 she founded the NVC Conscious Leadership bi-annual training for trainers in Israel. She has been teaching NVC since 1992 in Israel, the USA and Europe, and also offers mediation, meeting facilitation and private coaching and trainings.

The author of the first comprehensive NVC workbook in Hebrew, Arnina also specializes in developing practical materials and workshops in areas such as NVC coaching, anger, fear, guilt and shame, working with limiting patterns and beliefs, and parent-child relationships. A senior facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Arnina has also developed a special path of working with needs through weaving NVC and Byron Katie’s The Work.

Arnina's passion and special gifts are in enhancing breakthroughs in consciousness, which are assisted by her unique approach—a profound, laser-like exploration into our innermost core, supported by a rare sense of humor and embedded in deep, embracing empathy.

Arnina has appeared in numerous radio and TV programs in Israel and has been interviewed by leading magazines. She is also a published author of poetry in Hebrew.  Arnina is available to lead NVC trainings in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Join CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan as she explores enemy images to increase your capacity to embrace life more fully. Free yourself from the “us-them” paradigm and experience true compassion for the people whose actions most trouble you.
Join CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan as explores interdependence, autonomy, valuing self and others, and power-sharing in your relationships. Free yourself to honor your longing for community, belonging, and love.
CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan talks about what she calls "witnessing humanity," touching on the gift of presence, empathy vs. identification and staying present in the face of intensity.
Why is it so difficult to change our patterns even when we want to, even when we experience shame or despair about them? Here are common pitfalls and concrete steps to overcome them in the future.
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