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Working with a Difficult Counseling Situation

Intermediate Skill Level • Video • 00:30 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:30 hours:minutes
Clinical psychologist, Robert Gonzales, Ph.D., uses an open dialogue with a practitioner to explore effective, compassionate methods to handle a volatile counseling situation. This resource has been newly remastered to a larger, higher quality video.

Working with Resistance

All Skill Levels • Article • Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
All Skill Levels
Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
With coaching or counselling clients, their resistance can show up as “bracing against” something. But if we push back against their resistance, we miss noticing what they're protecting or embracing. By going into resistance clients build awareness and often shift when they get clear about their underlying needs, and new choices. Some clients don’t shift even after we’ve tried everything. In...

Letting Go and Being Free (2018): Session 2

Intermediate Skill Level • Video • 01:22 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
01:22 hours:minutes
Listen in as Robert guides people through the process of transforming resistance. Daily practice of this transformational process develops your capacity to be with your inner experience and live free of the experience of the pain of life.

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