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Mourning and Celebration: Two Sides of Gratitude

Introductory Skill Level • Trainer Tip • Read Time: 1 - 2 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
Trainer Tip
Read Time: 1 - 2 minutes
Mourning, grief and celebration is a way to connect with what we love and want to honor. In this trainer tip we learn that these three things can become a way for us to understand our emotions regarding our losses and appreciations.

Opening Hearts in Israel, Palestine, India and Sri Lanka

Beginner Skill Level • Article • 11 pages
Beginner Skill Level
11 pages
CNVC Certified Trainer Shantigarbha Warren offers a report of his recent NVC training trip to Israel/Palestine, India and Sri Lanka and clarifies how NVC can support social change in three very different contexts. Included is an exercise, based on Gandhi’s teaching.

Don't Take It Personally

All Skill Levels • Article • Read time: 10 - 15 minutes
All Skill Levels
Read time: 10 - 15 minutes
When we don't like what someone is saying to us, sometimes people encourage us to hear their needs, and "not take it personally" -- and we're inclined to agree. Could "not taking it personally" close our hearts and awareness to others, life and ourselves? Rachelle Lamb invites us to take a closer look at what it's like when we attend to the situation from our hearts, and skillfully reflect upon...

How Do I Love Those Who Hate Me?

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 6 - 9 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 6 - 9 minutes
There are times when someone judges us, or meets us with prejudice, and its easier for us to respond by hating them, or judging ourselves as not good enough. How can we love another person instead without excusing their actions? Roxy tells us her story with wonderment, grief and mourning.

Let it RAIN!

with Jim Manske
Beginner Skill Level • Article • Read time: 5 - 8 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
Read time: 5 - 8 minutes
This article outlines a four-part transformation process to help us recognize what's giving rise to our suffering and resentment -- and transform it into more freedom, creativity, and choice.

From Obedience and Shame to Freedom and Belonging: Transforming Patriarchal Paradigms of Child-Rearing in the Age of Global Warming

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • 33 pages
Intermediate Skill Level
33 pages
What will it take to reclaim our fundamental relatedness with all things alive, surrender our attempts to control nature, and find a way of living that averts or mitigates the worst possible catastrophes awaiting us while it's still possible?

Valuing My Needs When I Habitually Don't

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio • 00:09 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:09 hours:minutes
Listen to John answer an NVC Multimedia Library member's question about what we can do when we habitually place other's needs ahead our own. Healing and change can be reached through compassionate self-connection, mourning and mindfulness.

Taste of Compassionate Leadership Series: The Zero Step

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 00:41 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:41 hours:minutes
Jori and Jim Manske offer a process they call "The Zero Step," encompassing the characteristics of warmth toward self and other, care for the vitality of both yourself and other(s), wonder/interest, vulnerability and empathy, which leads directly to connection requestsand an openness to outcome.

Steps Towards Meaningful Action

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
We're in difficult times - possibly at the brink of extinction. What can we do in response? Some nonlinear steps: A.) Notice what isn't working; B.) Mourn so that we can move "towards" from an expanded space inside; C.) Analyze to bring a fuller understanding of what's happening and what's needed; D.) Reframe our inner and outer narratives; E.) Discern what we can contribute; F.) Care; and G.)...

Developing Compassion for Humans, Animals and All Life (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 5 - 7 hours
Beginner Skill Level
5 - 7 hours
Join LoraKim Joyner to investigate how merging science, the social and emotional intelligence of humans, animals and other species and Nonviolent Communication can bring a greater sense of belonging and wholeness to your life, and care and justice to the lives of others. The first part of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy:

How Do I Begin Bringing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to Work?

with Jeff Brown
Beginner Skill Level • Video • 00:05 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
00:05 hours:minutes
CNVC Certified Trainer Jeff Brown explains that it's truly easy to begin bringing NVC to your workplace. Start internally and avoid using NVC as a structured or "right" way to speak.

Diving Deeper Into the Spiral of Life (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 06:02 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
06:02 hours:minutes
We invite you to dive into this voyage, where you and Robert will swim ever deeper into the Spiral of Life, coming face-to-face with your divine Life Force – that essential living energy that permeates all.

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