John Cunningham

CNVC Certified Trainer from Nevada City, California, USA

John trained individually with Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland in the summer of 1999, and became a CNVC Certified Trainer in 2000. He has facilitated trainings in a number of settings, most notably the Waldorf School movement. John currently teaches a three day home school program for ten and eleven year olds in Nevada City, California, where he integrates the awareness cultivated through Nonviolent Communication with a Waldorf informed curriculum and pedagogy.

Website: Empathy Conexus

Latest NVC Library Resources with John Cunningham

Compassionate Communication and Empathy’s Awakening

John Cunningham provides support to deepen your understanding and practice of NVC, including a sketch of the participatory and onlooker modes of consciousness, lists of feelings, needs and sample dialogues.
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