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Free NVC Resources (Learn Nonviolent Communication)

What is Resonance?

Beginner Skill Level •  Video •  3 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
3 minutes

What is resonance? How can the vibrations between cellos guide our understanding of resonance? Listen to Sarah affirm that "resonance is the most important thing that happens between humans to make our brains work well and make our brains be good places to live." NVC can create resonance between people which calms us and restructures the right hemisphere of the brain.

Your Resonant Self

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  6 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
6 minutes

When blaming, we tend to function from the position of lone hero / self-critical witness. Listen in as Sarah works with a participant facing her judgements about others not caring for the planet.

Your Brain's Left Hemisphere and NVC

Beginner Skill Level •  Video •  8 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
8 minutes

Sarah Peyton explains how your brain's left hemisphere excels at pattern making. NVC can help integrate both hemispheres, enabling you to use the left side's love of patterns for abstract thinking.

Your Resonant Self (Book, Chapter 2)

Beginner Skill Level •  Article •  10 - 15 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
10 - 15 minutes

Read Chapter 2, Staying in Emotional Balance: Healthy Self-Regulation from Sarah Peyton’s book, Your Resonant Self.

Implicit Bias and Own Race Bias (ORB)

Beginner Skill Level •  Video •  12 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
12 minutes

Sarah Peyton explains implicit bias and own race bias (ORB), predispositions that slant our perceptions of ourselves and others. There's hope, these implicit biases can be overcome!