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The Art of Making Requests: Ask for the Moon
  • Learn how to hear and say ‘No’ while staying in connection
  • Understand the different types of requests and how to use them
  • Gain skills for initiating and leading challenging dialogues
  • Practice identifying what you really want and how to ask for it!

Thursdays, May 11-June 15, 2023 (six sessions)
9:30am-12:30pm Pacific (California) Time

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Do you long to live a life aligned with your passions and values?

Do you wish to deepen your relationships and go for your dreams?

Life is too short not to go for what you really want! But in order to go for what you really want, you must be willing to ask for it.

Because, as Yoram Mosenzon says, making requests is an art of living.

This course aims to touch upon 2 simple challenges:

1) How to (REALLY) know what you want
2) How to (dare to) ask for what you want (and what stops you from daring)

Please join Yoram on a learning journey dedicated to the Art of Making Requests and the challenging communication dynamics around them.

Over six sessions, you will learn, explore, and practice:

  • How to stand firmly for your needs and assertively ask for what you (really) want
  • What ‘demand energy’ is and how to switch to ‘request energy’
  • How to ‘enjoy’ when people demand from you
  • Principles in making powerful requests that move things forward
  • How to make requests effortless and how to guess the requests of others
  • The power of Fantasy
  • How to express a NO (and stay in connection) — and how to hear a NO (and stay alive)
  • What the risks and payments are of saying (and hearing) a ‘half yes’
  • How to initiate and lead challenging dialogues
  • The 2 types of requests- Dialogue Requests (the glue in a dialogue) and Action Requests
  • How to connect with what is almost hidden, deep inside you 
  • Radical Empathy and Honesty

In an interactive and safe learning environment, you will be invited to work on examples from your own life. You will get to practice through demonstrations, role-playing, and exercises designed for deeper and quicker integration of NVC values and language into your own daily situations.

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
  • Translated captions in 23 languages are available in live sessions (more are being added on a regular basis!)
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Yoram Mosenzon

About Yoram Mosenzon

CNVC Certified Trainer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yoram Mosenzon is a CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach, and Mediator.

When he first discovered NVC over 20 years ago, Yoram was a dancer / choreographer. Eight years after discovering NVC, he decided to stop all his artistic activities and dedicate his time and energy to sharing NVC.

Yoram now teaches NVC to the general public as well as to teachers, universities, parents, businesses, and teams. He travels internationally, teaching  in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, the USA, and elsewhere.

Yoram is one of four founders of the NVC (Giraffe) school in Amsterdam for children aged...