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Authenticity, Belonging and Shame
  • Learn how your brain experiences belonging and what gets in its way
  • See how compassionate shame-gazing can support your decision making in a way that fosters genuine belonging and integrity-rich self-acceptance
  • Celebrate the promises you made to yourself that kept you safe in childhood even as you make new commitments that are more life-serving
  • Increase your capacity for authentic self-expression in ways that enhance your sense of secure belonging

Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 12-August 30, 2022 skipping August 2, 4, 18 (twelve sessions)
9-10:30am Pacific (California) Time

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Do you wonder how to be who you actually are? Do you wonder why there is often a backlash of shame after you express yourself honestly or vulnerably?

This series addresses the central riddle of being human, namely how to be authentic while also belonging. 

Intriguingly, understanding our shame is a valuable key to navigating this tension between authenticity and belonging with clarity. Together with Sarah Peyton, you will explore the 11 ways that shame can happen in humans. 

Shame can happen when we: 

  1. Receive contempt or ridicule in public or from someone with more personal, social, economic, or structural power
  2. Express more emotion than a friend or a group can easily reflect (embarrassment)
  3. Realize we’ve taken an action against our integrity
  4. Believe we aren’t good enough
  5. Use shame to manage our rage
  6. Experience self-disgust
  7. Break a contract
  8. Have privilege
  9. Are not able to save the world
  10. Have a parent or caregiver who is consistently ashamed of us (persistent and toxic shame)
  11. Have the sense that we have been brought to this life without our own consent

Using shame, you will learn ways to make choices that enable you to be authentic and to have a sense of warm belonging in communities that matter to you. 

To transform your new knowledge into lasting learning, this gentle and warm 12-week offering will include time travel empathy to dissolve old pain and unconscious contract work to transform old contracts to life-serving personal covenants around self-expression.

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
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Sarah Peyton

About Sarah Peyton

CNVC Certified Trainer from Vancouver, Washington, USA

Sarah Peyton, international speaker and facilitator, has a passion for weaving together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing that unify people with their brains and bodies. Sarah makes Interpersonal Neurobiology research available for our embodied brains to use in living at peace with ourselves. Funny, touching, and filled with personal stories and up-to-date research on our nervous systems and how they interact with each other, her presentations change lives and invite self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Sarah offers healing experiences of hearing ourselves and others deeply (using the precision and resonant language that come alive in the long-term...