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Sometimes Shit Happens: Play with it!
  • Know how to return to play — the sweet flow of life
  • Discover the guideposts that help you along the way
  • Make space for more creativity and play to emerge
  • Stay connected to the mystery and sacredness of being alive!

Thursdays, February 10-March 3, 2022. (four sessions
9:00-11:00am Pacific (California) Time

Registration fee: $213
NVC Library members: $171
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The live course is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.


"Don’t do anything that isn’t play!” 

Marshall Rosenberg used to say this often, paraphrasing Joseph Campbell.

This concept seems easy when life is flowing, but what about when it’s not? What about when “shit happens” and we find ourselves face-to-face with strong emotional pain, dismay, or uncertainty?

Elena and Christiaan have certainly had their share of struggles over the years. They have had to navigate some particularly stressful situations, such as their children’s battle with cancer.

What they have discovered on this journey is that NVC practice offers guideposts that can help us return to Play, even amidst the storm. Play — the connection to that sweet flow of life — is what has allowed them to stay connected to the mystery and sacredness of life. 

It has helped them steer through the storm with more grace, and now they are here to show you how you can, too. 

In four sessions, you will explore: 

  • How to stay present to your own pain, fears, and doubts
  • How to transform these into life-enriching joy and playfulness
  • How to access this sacred Play in the face of pain and fear 

We will practice the art of staying present and returning to presence, the art of mourning, as well as the art of gratitude. You are encouraged to share your own life circumstances. By sharing, you can experience a sense of companionship while also making space for creativity and play to emerge — and find new ways to deal with your own "shit”!

Come play with us!

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
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The live course is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.

Elena Bernasconi Tabellini & Christiaan Zandt

About Elena Bernasconi Tabellini & Christiaan Zandt

Elena Bernasconi-Tabellini

Nonviolent Communication certified trainer since 2015, Elena got to know Nonviolent Communication (NVC) at her workplace in 2005 and later in 2008 from Marshall Rosenberg. As a result of this last training, she decided to drastically change her life and align it more and more to the universal needs and values that she was getting acquainted with through her practice with NVC. From that moment, Elena has been studying, practicing and applying NVC into her work, personal and family life as mother of two girls. In 2010, while working for a global communication association, she started offering NVC workshops.