Rooms in the Same House: Interweaving NVC and Buddhism


Wednesdays, April 5 - May 10 (6 sessions)


4:00-6:00pm Pacific (California) Time


$248.00 - $298.00
Recordings included

This is a Zoom course: Zoom technology allows everyone the choice to see other participants and to be seen.
(Recordings will display images of only the active speakers.)

Find renewed aliveness and connection in your daily life through NVC and Buddhist Mindfulness practices.

NVC can be lived as a Mindfulness Practice and consciousness that helps us be more present, open and loving to the flow of life within ourselves and in relation to others. Buddhist principles and practices can add depth and insight to NVC practice and consciousness.

In this NVC Academy exploration of the connection between Buddhist practice and NVC, we will form an online learning and practicing community. We will explore together how NVC helps bring to life Buddhist principles and values in relationship to ourselves and with others. We will discover how Buddhist practice deepens and supports our capacity to learn and live NVC in our daily lives.

Now you can explore this commonality by joining us for a six week course designed to delve deeply into this common and fertile ground. We will see how each practice can help us stay true to shared values such as mindfulness, compassion, nonviolence, acceptance and loving kindness. We will use the lens of each to help us find ways to stay in tune with our spirituality as we experience our interactions with others and become aware of our own inner dialog.

What You Can Expect:

If the combination of Buddhism and NVC is of interest to you, we would love to have you with us for Rooms In the Same House – Interweaving NVC and Buddhism. Anyone curious about Buddhist practices and/or NVC is welcome to attend - no previous experience with either is necessary!

About Roberta Wall

Roberta Wall is a certified CNVC trainer, who has offered NVC trainings to Buddhist teachers, retreat centers and monasteries around the world. She received ordination from Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 1997, was a founding member of the Zen Peacemaker Order and has studied with many Buddhist teachers. Roberta leads a Buddhist practice group in her home in Asheville, North Carolina. More

About Barbara Bash

Barbara Bash is a calligraphic artist deeply involved in communication in many forms. She was a student of Chogyam Trungpa and has been a meditation instructor in the Shambhala tradition for many years. She has been a student and teacher of NVC for the past 15 years, completing the Bay NVC Leadership program in 2009. Barbara teaches NVC in buddhist centers and the prison system. She has written and illustrated a number of books about the natural world, most recently True Nature: An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude where she combined sitting meditation with nature journaling to explore the inner and outer landscape. Barbara offers big brush workshops widely and creative process mentoring sessions online. She is currently hosting circle practice gatherings in the Hudson Valley where she lives. Her visual blog is True Nature. Her website is

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