Mondays, November 4 - December 2 (5 sessions)


4:00 - 6:00pm
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Listen to Lisa Rothman and Aya Caspi discuss Convergent Facilitation:

We see the devastating consequences of what happens when affected stakeholders aren't involved in making a decision at all levels of society –

Many people want to involve all stakeholders in a decision but fear doing so will be hopelessly inefficient and result in no decision at all.

Happily, there's a process known as Convergent Facilitation, that offers you ready solutions.

It's based on one simple fact: that connections between people happen at the level of their underlying principles, needs, aspirations, and dreams, not at the level of their surface positions.

Convergent Facilitation is a highly efficient decision-making process developed by Miki Kashtan from the principles of Nonviolent Communication and codified in close collaboration with Lisa Rothman. It enables you to look beneath the surface and find the fundamental human needs members of any group hold in common. As a result, it readily produces connections and alignment.

This method is uniquely effective because it:

Who It's For
If you work with groups that struggle to make decisions or collaborate effectively, this course is for you.

What You Can Take Away

For more details, read this case study for a start-to-finish view of the Convergent Facilitation process and its transformative results.

Why Isn't Miki Kashtan Teaching This Course?

Miki wants to put her life energy into breaking new ground and experimenting with new concepts.  At the same time, she wants to make it possible for people everywhere to take Convergent Facilitation so they can learn and experiment with it in their daily lives. That is, ultimately, how anyone truly masters Convergent Facilitation.

Only an extremely small number of trainers have gathered enough experience in Convergent Facilitation to be able to teach it.  Lisa Rothman is one of them.  She was the driving force behind the creation of this workshop, she helped Miki cement some of the concepts, and she collaborated with Miki to create the exercises and the workbook.  

Aya Caspi, CNVC Certified Trainer, will be co-facilitating the course with Lisa. Aya will be holding the precision and alignment of the curriculum with the spirit and practice of Nonviolent Communication. She also brings a depth of empathetic understanding that will likely astound you.

Miki says:  "When I decided not to offer this course again myself, Lisa was beyond the natural choice to do it. Aside from being intimately involved with converting her massive notes from the early Convergent Facilitation workshops into a coherent curriculum that is reliably teachable (if you had been there, you would know how much of a quantum leap that was!), Lisa is a trainer and solo performer with years of experience teaching online workshops. She is deep and light at the same time (not my strength, usually), is highly entertaining, and her presentation skills are simply stellar. If you are unsure, please sign up for the first free session and see for yourself what a treat it can be to learn from her."

"Lisa's being joined by another colleague who's studied and then worked with me for years. Since I first met Aya, I have been impressed with her depth of commitment to NVC and to nonviolence. Aya fully lives the principles that this course is based on -- creating togetherness through finding common ground in terms of what's important about a decision; aiming for a solution that truly works for everyone, without domination or compromises; and remaining present and attentive to even complex dynamics that might divert a group from these commitments. I have full confidence that her presence and love will contribute to creating a container that will deepen and optimize the learning for all."

Dates and Topics Covered

November 4       Introduction     Overview of Convergent Facilitation – THIS SESSION IS FREE!
November 11     Session 1        Criteria Gathering: Finding the Noncontroversial Essence
November 18     Session 2        Proposal Creation: Tracking as a Key Facilitation Skill
November 25     Session 3        Decision Making: Inviting and Engaging with Dissent
December 02     Session 4        Attending to Outliers and to Power Differences

About Lisa Rothman

Lisa served on the Board of Directors of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) for a number of years and is a consultant with the Center for Efficient Collaboration.  She was the Executive Producer of the Morning Show on KPFA Radio, the oldest listener sponsored radio station in the world.  In that role, she was responsible for helping to raise 20% of the station's annual budget by forging 15 people's wildly divergent viewpoints into a coherent program.  What she learned from facilitating challenging editorial and station-wide meetings inspired her to collaborate with Miki Kashtan, BayNVC's co-founder, to create the curriculum for this Convergent Facilitation workshop.  She uses Convergent Facilitation on a regular basis in all areas of her life – home, work, and activism – and looks forward to sharing what she's learned with you.

About Aya Caspi

Aya has brought her unique blend of vision, practical clarity, utter innocence, and deep commitment to transformation to settings as varied as the BayNVC Leadership program, schools, family and business coaching and mediation, couple counseling, and promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. She has been sharing Nonviolent communication over the past 10 years via online classes, workshops and retreats in the US and around the world.

Aya embodies NVC as I have never seen any trainer do before, except for Marshall Rosenberg himself. She has embodied the teaching in a way that she can transmit the teachings with precision and care." Reed Goodey

Aya had participants from the USA as well as Canada and Germany. The sense of community Aya was able to create, maintain and encourage was remarkable. Hope Moffatt, CNVC Certified Trainer, Alberta Canada