Four Tuesdays, April 6 - April 27


4:00-5:30pm Pacific (California)


$155 - $194
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Skills to Connect, even when the Differences are Challenging

The last several years have been hard on many of our relationships. Divisiveness has gone beyond politics and seeped into our closest bonds.

How do we relate to the friend or family member who voted for "the other side", or who doesn't share the same social justice passions? How do we connect with the neighbor who sees safety around covid-19 differently from us?

Is it possible to find common ground and rebuild connections that have suffered?

Kathy Simon invites you to join her on an interactive learning experience to help you strengthen your relationships and improve those that are challenging. Individuals, couples, parents, journalists, teachers, therapists, and other helping professionals will gain lots of value from this course.

You can expect to practice:

  • Using the power of Listening to build bridges across difference
  • Using the power of Mindful Speech to communicate your deepest values forcefully and to build connection
  • Sensing possibilities that underly apparent conflict
  • Staying open, even when people say things that bring up pain or dismay

We will practice Nonviolent Communication through demonstrations, role-playing, and exercises designed to help you find your balance when you disagree and to help you enter each new situation with a sense of curiosity and possibility. You will also be able to work on examples from your own life in a safe environment.

Whether you are new to NVC or have been practicing for years, the skills we practice here will help you navigate these particularly challenging times with more clarity, power, ease, and warmth.


About Kathy Simon

Kathy is passionate about teaching skills for communicating across difference, whether the differences arise across the kitchen table, in the classroom, the board room, or across religious, racial, and political divides.  With a degree in Literature from Harvard, Kathy began her career as a high school English and drama teacher.  She then earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teacher Education at Stanford, and directed the Coalition of Essential Schools, a national school-reform organization focused on creating more equitable and vibrant schools.