Words that Liberate: The Movie

NVC in prisons - this is the inspiration we can all use right now

Can Nonviolent Communication really make a difference in the life of an inmate serving time in a prison?

If you could use a dose of inspiration and hope, then I have a free opportunity for you...

Dow Gordon spent 12 years of his life in prison. While in detention, he discovered NVC which, he says: "saved my life.” After his release, he took several NVC training programs and eventually became a CNVC certified trainer specializing in supporting inmates and marginalized communities.

The NVC Academy is delighted to sponsor a free presentation featuring Words that Liberate, a 40-minute film that takes us through the inspiring story of Dow Gordon. This powerful film transports us to a prison environment filled with men convicted of acts of violence… practicing NVC.

Words that Liberate: The Movie

This event took place on
Saturday, March 6, 12:00-2:00pm Pacific time (My Time Zone)
No charge, though donations to the filmmakers will be greatly appreciated

You are welcome to register, watch a recording
of the movie and the discussion that follows.

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Discover how NVC sessions have found great success in a Portland, Oregon, USA jail — a place where all the inmates have violent backgrounds. You will witness the immense vulnerability of these men when they realize what in their history has led them to delinquency and crime.

Through empathetic listening and awareness of their feelings and needs, these prisoners have been able to regain access to their humanity.

Words that Liberate just may shake up and transform your view of those who live behind bars, open your heart even wider, and reignite your commitment to NVC.

But watching it is only part of the inspiration! Besides enjoying the film, you will also have a chance to meet key people featured in the film as well as those who worked closely to make the film possible, including:

  • Writer and Director (France), Genevieve Roger
  • Production Director (France), Vincent Guillon
  • Dow Gordon (USA), CNVC Certified Trainer and former inmate
  • Fred Sly (USA), CNVC Certified Trainer whose work in Oregon State prisons is featured in the film
  • Lucy Leu (Canada), CNVC Certified Trainer and founder of the Freedom Project, an organization that supports inmates and their families as they reintegrate after being released from prison
  • Anne Bourrit (Switzerland), CNVC Certified trainer and the film’s NVC specialist and advisor  

This 2-hour program will be offered in both French and English with consecutive interpretation.

Here is what you can expect:

  • We will start by watching the 40-minute film, Words that Liberate
  • Followed by few brief words from panel members
  • Then we will open it up to live Q&A so you and other participants may ask questions! 

This is sure to be an inspiring and touching event! Please join us

Remember, this special event is free with an opportunity to donate to the filmmakers if you are inspired to support their work. If you are curious about how NVC can make a difference in one of the most unexpected places, please do not miss this opportunity!

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