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Expressions of Appreciation to Marshall Rosenberg 

Read these wonderful expressions of appreciation as CNVC Certified Trainers share their experience of learning NVC with Marshall Rosenberg.


Kathleen Macferran

Dear Marshall,
There's a different quality in each breath I take since the NVC paradigm reframed my world. I wish I could find the words to describe it—something about more alive and awake, more fluid and full, certainly more grateful and connected to joy. Relief is part of it as well-- a life of greater freedom and authenticity. I'm still in awe at the life this has opened to me. Every day I'm touched by this global NVC community that is co-evolving this vision of yours for a world where the needs of all people are met. I'm inspired by the fierce beauty and passion that sustains this dream. I take this work into prisons, schools, medical facilities, domestic violence facilities, community organizations, churches, shelters, non-profit organizations, businesses... and can't believe I get to do this with my life. My intention is to do my part to take this to all parts of the world as you have done. Wishing I could sing you "Leader of the Band" one more time... especially the line, "the leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old, but his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul." Deep bows of gratitude to you and all those in your life who have made it possible for you to touch mine. I'm celebrating how your legacy lives on in the hearts of so many around the world. Sending you love and joy, Kathleen Macferran


Liv Larsson

Dear Marshall,
Your visit more than 15 years ago to the land of midnight sun - in the north of Sweden made such a change in my life. I have been able to forward the gift many times. At the moment I’m giving it handling the century long conflict between the natives of Scandinavia (the Same) and the forest companies. I’m so grateful to be a link in your work and gift. Remembering your warm hugs Liv


Catherine Cadden

Another amazing moment for me with Marshall was after my dear mentor Julie Greene died. I had the extreme fortune to work with Julie during her last BayNVC retreat before her passing. Many who were there might remember the energy of "why wait one more minute?", and her becoming very clear on her final requests of people. When I was hugging her goodbye, which we both knew would be for the last time, she said she had a couple requests for me. One of them was spoken to me this way, "Will you tell Marshall that I love him? You will see him before I do. I want you to deliver the message to him because I think you live from your heart. I think he still sometimes gets in his head too much so I want you tell him from your heart. You can tell him I said that, too." The next time I caught up with Marshall was at a BayNVC event in Oakland. I went to deliver the message. I caught Marshall before things began. The room was full of people busy chatting with one another. Marshall and someone had just finished speaking about something and I walked up to him and said, "I have a message for you from Julie Greene." Marshall turned, looked me in the eye, giving me his full attention. I shared Julie's message that way she had told it to me. He smiled with tears in his eyes giving his little chuckle and wag of the head. We hugged and someone came up to support him getting to the stage on time. One of the great teachings I have received from Marshall is one of the things I find awe inspiring about him - his ability to be fully present in the midst of chaos and turn towards what's most alive in the space. Thank you, Julie, for the honor to walk with you, learn from you, and deliver your message of love. Thank you, Marshall, for teaching me how to receive love.


Selene Aitken

I remember the time in 1996 when I heard Marshall say he believed everyone's needs could be met. Everyone on the planet! I was stunned. I believed him. I still do. That’s why NVC gives me hope.


Myra Walden

Dear Marshall,
What a joy to have a way to communicate with you and express my deep love and gratitude. Nonviolent Communication has taught me to do God's work on earth -- to aspire to embody and teach unconditional love for all. For a few years now, I have been facilitating weekly groups with Latina immigrants in relationships of violence. NVC is helping them reclaim safety, respect and dignity. I'm also working with mental health professionals in Chicagoland, teaching NVC as the foundation of their therapy work. I think of you all the time with warmth and caring. Eternally grateful, Myra


Kirsten Kristensen

Dear Marshall,
When I first met you in 1998 I was a shy and insecure person, finding it difficult to engage in open conversations. I could handle speaking with 1-2 other people at a time. Now, thanks to what I learned from, you I am giving NVC trainings with more than 100 people and beginning to feel comfortable with it. I feel so much gratitude for how my life has changed and become much more enjoyable and fun. I celebrate the more than 100 days I have spent with you, learning from you, sharing with you. You gave me the sentence: "Work for life, and life works for you." And this has added ease and trust in my times of transition. Thank you. With gratitude Kirsten - Denmark


Susanne Kraft

It was on an IIT in Orchidea Lodge. Marshall was teaching 4 two-hour lessons every day. During lunch break we had taken naps or a walk to recover. When coming back for the afternoon session, we found Marshall saying goodbye to a young man. The way the two of them looked at each other an tenderly hugged made us guess: might he be one of his sons? They looked so close and familiar with each other. After the young man left, we learned: this was an autistic young man from an institution nearby, which whom Marshall had met during his lunch break and whom he had seen for the first time. This left me deeply touched and I understood something about the power of empathy. Greetings from Susanne Kraft