Creating Your Personal Learning Path

Download Our "Creating Your Personal Learning Path" Worksheet (PDF)

Step 1: Assess Your Current NVC Skill Level

Before you begin browsing through the Multimedia Library or Live NVC Courses, your first step is to self-assess your current skill level with Nonviolent Communication. Doing so will help you focus on the materials and courses that are most in alignment with your comfort level. Take care to remove any self-judgment from this assessment and simply treat this step as an objective statement of your comfort level.

What Skill Level Are You?

Step 2: Consider Your Available Time

What time do you have available to participate in courses or learning resources, practice the concepts and reflect on your learning? Be realistic; consider all of your needs. Try to identify a specific quantity of time per day, per week or per month you can devote to meeting your learning goals.

Step 3: Set Your Personal Goals

What do you hope to achieve as the result of engaging in NVC training or practice? In what time frame do you want to achieve this goal? With consideration for your learning level and the time you have available, write down the specific personal goals you have in relation to learning NVC.

Be sure to keep the goal specific to what you can do, rather than dependent on another person's actions or behavior. For instance, perhaps your goal is to gain more confidence communicating your feelings and needs to your immediate family. Or, perhaps your goal is to gain enough experience and practice in the fundamentals of NVC that the consciousness of NVC becomes second nature to you.

Write down your goal(s) on paper now.

Step 4: Create Your Learning Path
Browse the available NVC Library learning resources and Live NVC Courses and chart out a learning path that will help you reach your goal(s). Consider incorporating a diversity of instruction, reflection and practice into your learning path. Also consider topical applications of NVC that you’re most interested in (such as conflict resolution, NVC in parenting, or NVC in the workplace).
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