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What is Leadership?

Audio • 51 minutes • 6/21/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
51 minutes
What specifically is leadership? And why do so many people step back from it? Listen in as Miki shares her experience and thoughts around changing the paradigm of leadership, as well as the role – and challenges – of using NVC when working for social…

Integrating NVC and Abundance Consciousness: How to Create a Successful and Sustainable NVC Livelihood (5 Session Course)

Audio • 5 hours, 49 minutes • 9/29/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
5 hours, 49 minutes
If you are passionate about sharing Nonviolent Communication and want to create a successful livelihood in doing so — or create more sustainability and abundance in your current efforts in sharing NVC — this course recording is designed with you in mind!

Dialogue in the Workplace (5 Session Course)

Audio • 6 - 8 hours • 6/5/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
6 - 8 hours
 One of the key challenges of engaging in dialogue in the workplace is that – while we are all equally human – the norms of the workplace make honest and open dialogue challenging, especially when power differences are present. This course offers a plethora of considerations…

Supporting a Culture of Collaboration (4 Session Course)

Audio • 5 - 7 hours • 12/15/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
5 - 7 hours
Transforming organizational culture requires attention and change at the systemic level. Learn which systems are crucial for any organization to establish and clarify whether that organization is collaborative or not, and then learn how to create and strengthen a collaborative organization.

Peace Is Possible (4 Session Course)

Audio • 4 hours, 25 minutes • 11/29/2022
Beginner Skill Level
4 hours, 25 minutes
Listen to this 4-session telecourse recording with CNVC Certified Trainer, Hema Pokharna, PhD and her sister, Manda Pokharna, MD, and you will learn simple steps for transforming conflicts and mobilizing peace at home, at work and in the world.

Dharma not Drama: Meditations for the Holidays: Presence

Audio • 22 minutes • 11/19/2022
Beginner Skill Level
22 minutes
Listen to this 20-minute meditation on presence to help you decrease stress and create authentic connection and peace during the holiday season.

Common Ground…How?

Audio • 14 minutes • 9/25/2022
Beginner Skill Level
14 minutes
Speaking with a united head, heart, and body is the epitome of internal NVC work. HOW do you get there? Listen as David demonstrates his formula for connecting all three areas: 1) ignition; 2) get the big picture; and 3) Break it down: practice, correct,…

The Shadow in Human Relationship

Audio • 11 minutes • 10/2/2022
Beginner Skill Level
11 minutes
What don't we know about ourselves? Our unconscious contracts impact us, our shadow selves, and our relationships. In this snippet, Sarah uses her own unconscious contract to demonstrate navigating through reactions to today’s political environment.

A More Expansive Understanding of Observations

Audio • 11 minutes • 12/22/2022
Beginner Skill Level
11 minutes
Listen to Roxy expand our notion of making observations to include our internal observations and social and cultural contexts.

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