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Navigating Polarizing Conversations

Video • 53 minutes • 13/12/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
53 minutes
This video with Jim and Jori Manske explores how to navigate polarizing conversations.

NVC Life Hacks 34: When working from home clashes with home life

Video • 18 minutes • 1/8/2023
Beginner Skill Level
18 minutes
Have you been struggling with the difficulties that can arise from working at home? If you're used to working from an office, a space that is designed for work, it can be a shock working from a space that is usually associated with other kinds…

Starting a Practice

Video • 40 minutes • 11/17/2022
Beginner Skill Level
40 minutes
Create your own new personal practice using the Pathways to Liberation: Matrix of Self-Assessment and increase your capacity to access skills when you need them the most.

How to present "harm being done" in an NVC way

Video • 1min. 19sec. • 1/28/2023

1min. 19sec.
Certified CNVC trainer Roxy Manning, Phd, answers a question: how do we use the term "harm" in NVC? Think of the word "harm" as an unmet need, practice observation to identify the need or needs that are not met.

3 Steps to Reflect on When a Social Change Strategy is Not Working

Video • 4min. 10sec. • 1/27/2023

4min. 10sec.
Certified CNVC Trainer Roxy Manning, Phd, shares three steps on how to reflect on what needs are being served when deciding to implement a strategy.

Safe spaces and confidentiality agreements

Video • 4min. 7sec. • 1/28/2023

4min. 7sec.
Certified CNVC trainer Roxy Manning, Phd, answers a question: how to create a safe space for a first time group working on power and privileges ?

Functional Empathy that Supports Connection and Efficiency

Video • 1 min • 2/1/2023

1 min
Have you ever been in a meeting where the agenda is full and someone gets triggered? Did you get stuck in an empathy spiral and a never ending meeting? Roxy Manning shares the difference between healing empathy functional empathy.

NVC Life Hacks 35: Hearing a difficult message

Video • 12 minutes • 2/8/2023
Beginner Skill Level
12 minutes
Being put on the spot or confronted in an unexpected way can be an unpleasant experience to have. Even more so during lockdown when meetings are held on Zoom. In Life Hack 35 we're exploring the feelings that come up from hearing a difficult message…

NVC Life Hacks 36: From depression into life

Video • 11 minutes • 3/8/2023
Beginner Skill Level
11 minutes
How can Nonviolent Communication practices support us when we're feeling depressed? Taking a look at some characteristics of depression and how they're linked to unmet needs, we offer some steps to take that help you reconnect with life and others.

Increase Your Capacity and Diminish Separation Habits

Video • 3 minutes • 1/11/2023

3 minutes
The human species is trained and habituated towards separation. This model encourages humans to either give up on their needs or fight for their needs. In this short video, Miki shares how increasing capacity shifts habits of separation and supports holding of all needs.

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