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Camila Reyes Azcuénaga

CNVC Certified Trainer from Bogotá, Colombia

Camila Reyes Azcuénaga is the initiator of Resuena, an organization set out on a dream to cultivate and promote Nonviolent Communication in Colombia so that it becomes part of the day-to-day culture. She is a certified trainer by The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in the US. Camila is committed to building peace and strengthening trust and mutual support among human beings. She has lead training programs, addressing the development of relational skills and systems that are essential to comply with the humanitarian missions of the Transitional Justice System in Colombia.

Camila Reyes Azcuénaga es iniciadora de Resuena, una organización que tiene el sueño de sembrar y promover la Comunicación Noviolenta en Colombia para que sea parte de la cultura en la vida cotidiana. Es facilitadora certificada en Comunicación Noviolenta por el Centro de Comunicación Noviolenta en Estados Unidos.

Wesbite: https://resuenacolombia.com

Upcoming Live NVC Courses with Camila Reyes Azcuénaga

Awakening your power to liberate the power of love/ Despertando tu poder para liberar la fuerza del amor

  • Regain the inner power to love without obstacles.
  • Activate the only force that is capable of transforming the consciousness of suffering, guilt and reactivity.
  • Make choices that lead you to prioritize caring for life at every moment.
  • Build a way of life that is compatible with the rhythm of love.
  • Puedes recuperar el poder interior de amar sin obstáculos.
  • Puedes activar la única fuerza que es capaz de transfomar la conciencia del sufrimiento, la culpa y la reactividad.
  • Puedes hacer elecciones que te lleven a priorizar el cuidado de la vida a cada instante.
  • Puedes construir una forma de vida que sea compatible con la vibración del amor.