Ian Peatey

CNVC Certified Trainer from Bucharest, Romania

Ian was born in UK and has lived in Eastern Europe for most of his adult life – finally settling in Romania. His professional background is in finance and organisations initially as a financial auditor and then as coach and trainer.

Ian studied with Marshall Rosenberg and completed Certification in 2008, leaving behind his corporate work in finance. He is a regular trainer on Intensive International Trainings around the world and runs a 6-month NVC programme in Romania. One of his current passions is to support and nurture the growing community of NVC trainers and practitioners around him.

Ian is the father of 3 daughters and is very involved in parenting and constantly striving to become a better parent day by day. He is experienced also in parenting where the parents are divorced and live in different countries – his older daughters live in UK and Poland. NVC has been invaluable in his role as father and he has seen a dramatic evolution in this role and how NVC helps with connection and life together.

Together with his wife Monica, he runs Parents to Lovers, aimed at supporting parents thrive as a couple.

Email: ianpeatey@gmail.com
Website: www.parentstolovers.com

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