Jared Finkelstein

Jared Finkelstein works as a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and is fueled by his belief that quality of connection is what’s essential in a connected world. The significance of a connection that welcomes authenticity, honesty, and empathy was evident in his schooling at a small, K–12 private school that prioritized child-centered learning and community values. Jared’s parents were teachers and administrators there so his family, community, and school were all threaded together in his formative educational experience.

Jared’s journey was hugely influenced and inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s vision of life-serving systems — organizations and communities that weave the practice of Nonviolent Communication into the very fabric of their institutions for the purpose of creating peace and sustainability. Jared put his passion into manifesting these sorts of communities as a team member of the NVC Educators Institute’s flagship training program, Teach for Life, and as an active contributor to NVC Family Camp, the all age 24/7 immersions into compassionate community and collaborative learning.

In 2012 Jared developed and led Tools for the 21st Century Educator: Nonviolent Communication in Schools, a year-long program for BayNVC in Oakland, California.

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