Kristin Masters

Kristin Masters brings attunement, resonance, insight and compassion to her work toward personal and social change. 

Kristin began learning the principles and skills of nonviolent communication in 1994, when she worked with Jean Morrison in San Quentin Prison doing Alternatives to Violence programs. She realized the power of NVC when it saved her marriage one day in 2001, and decided she was all in. 

Kristin became a Certified trainer in 2010, after in-depth study with Robert Gonzales’ inner work of compassion and self responsibility. She has been deeply influenced by Miki Kashtan’s approaches and applications of the core commitments. Kristin has worked closely with Sarah Peyton since 2014, and s a science geek and a healing enthusiast, Kristin uses Sarah’s framework of Interpersonal and Relational Neurobiology, using resonant language, sacred vows, unconscious contracts, time travel empathy, and family constellations work.

Kristin also draws on her background from beloved teacher/mentors and teams including:  Lillian Roybal Rose, her mentor in diversity work and cross cultural communication; and Joanna Macy’s “The Work that Reconnects” to transform the despair we feel about the state of the world into an empowered sense of action on behalf of future generations.

Her long term association with the NLSJ team to envision, commit and create “Living Critical Social Change with Nonviolent Communication” has been a collaborative learning and healing space that is at the center of Kristin’s life. 

Also at the center is Kristin’s work with and focus on grief and dealing with loss. She believes that “we only grieve that which we love”  and that we are meant to grieve in community.. Kristin works with individuals to hold our broken heartedness as sacred, to explore the love living beneath the grief around personal and collective losses.

While she teaches locally in Santa Cruz, California where she sits on the Board of Directors of NVC Santa Cruz., she also teaches nationally and internationally (including Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Canada). Please check for upcoming workshops and retreats. Kristin offers individual coaching, workshops, retreats and organizational consulting.

Contact Kristin Masters at   831-246-0730

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