Rita Herzog

CNVC Certified Trainer from Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Rita had organized for and worked with Marshall since she met him over 30 years ago, As a CNVC certified trainer and an IIT trainer, she has offered NVC training in Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Israel, many parts of Europe, and in the U.S. and Canada.She coordinated the early activities of the Center, and served on the Board for nine years.

Rita helped write the original documents for the certification preparation and assessment process, served as the certification coordinator since its beginning, retiring in December of 2014. She volunteers for the new certification coordination council, which offers support and guidance to assessors and trainer candidates. We explore together how to live and teach the values of self-awareness, self responsibility, community, and social change, all of which encompass the spirituality which is at the heart of Nonviolent Communication.

Rita co-authored the children's book, "The Mayor of Jackal Heights", which demonstrates the power of NVC empathy. Rita's experiences have taught her that once we fully receive the healing power of empathy for ourselves, we cannot stop the natural flow of compassion to others, creating the loving connections we all yearn for.


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