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Simone Anliker

CNVC Certified Trainer from Hergiswil, Nidwalden, Switzerland

Simone Anliker, LL.M., is a CNVC Certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication living in Switzerland, a certified NARM Trauma Practitioner, iEMDR Coach, Author of “The Power of Dyad Meditation” and Co-Author of several other books such as Holistic Healing. Simone is founder of the Global Dyad Meditation Project and owner of Compassion & Voice an international seminar and coaching company based in Switzerland. https://www.globaldyadmeditation.org and https://ww.compassion-voice.ch

Simone Anliker, LL.M., ist CNVC zertifizierte Trainerin für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, zertifizierte NARM Trauma Practitioner, iEMDR Coach, Autorin von “Die Kraft der Dyaden Meditation” und Co-Autorin von weiteren Büchern wie Holistic Healing. Simone ist die Begründerin vom Global Dyad Meditation Project und Inhaberin von Compassion & Voice, einem internationalen Seminar- und Coachingunternehmen mit Sitz in der Schweiz. https://www.globaldyadmeditation.org und https://ww.compassion-voice.ch