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Living NVC
  • Integrate the underlying principles of NVC into your daily life
  • Create a daily practice of self empathy and connecting to needs
  • Strengthen your own personalized set of NVC skills
  • Increase your sense of power in the world
  • Deepen connection with yourself and those in your life
Begin anytime
Allow 5-12 weeks to complete
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Would you like to experience more connection with the people in your life? Would you like to feel more grounded in your purpose and commitment, and connected to your own needs.

Each moment in our daily lives is an opportunity to practice. Nonviolent Communication’s core principles may have already begun to show up throughout your day, in each of your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. 

Now is the time to cultivate the intention to connect and the attention to needs that can deepen your relationships and move you toward the life you want to live. 

Living NVC is a comprehensive self-paced online program that guides you toward building regular NVC practice into your life. Led by 18 trainers from 8 countries, this self-paced program is full of deep insights from people who have been learning, teaching, and applying NVC to their lives for years. 

You could come away from this course with: 

  • Stronger relationships with yourself, those you are closest to, and others 
  • A deeper sense of yourself and your needs in relationship to the people and institutions in your life
  • Skills for navigating the most challenging aspects of life and relationships with purpose and grace
  • Insights into the many ways that Nonviolent Communication can help you thrive
  • A regular Nonviolent Communication practice that includes activities you can do alone and with others

Each lesson is also full of small, simple steps you can take to immerse yourself in the NVC principles already alive in you. As you move through this course, you will notice the qualities of self-connection and connection with others grow. 

Living NVC will help you build the relationships you want and live the life you long for.

  • A special subscription offer for the NVC Library 
  • Lifetime access to course materials
NVC Academy

About NVC Academy

The NVC Academy was established in 2006 by Mark Schultz and Mary Mackenzie. Its mission is to ensure the accessibility of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training to individuals worldwide, regardless of the availability of trainers in their immediate geographic region and financial situation.

Our primary purpose is to serve the global NVC community and to provide an online platform for learning Nonviolent Communication. By offering a wide range of high-quality NVC e-learning courses, programs and resources we aim to meet the following goals:

  • Significantly alleviate the financial and geographic barriers to learning the vital skills of Nonviolent Communication
  • Support the sustainability of CNVC Certified Trainers...
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