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Finding Freedom In Marriage

Practice Exercise •  4 - 6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
4 - 6 minutes

Marriage can be seen as a limit on freedom. Ideas of compromise collude with this view. Instead, notice when your "yes" to your partner is laden with obligation, duty, guilt, fear, or an attempt to win love or approval, and how it's not a truly free "yes". True freedom is different from compulsion, and doesn't conflict with other needs. When have you experienced true freedom? What conditions support your access to freedom?

Understand And Dissolve Obstacles To Setting Life-Serving Boundaries

Practice Exercise •  5 - 8 minutes
All Skill Levels
Practice Exercise
5 - 8 minutes

There are ways to reduce obstacles to setting boundaries. Notice unconscious ways you sacrifice yourself in order to avoid boundary setting. List of signs that a life-serving boundary is needed, but you're denying this. Realizing you consistently abandoned your needs may require time to process and mourn before you can set boundaries consistently. With practice, you can recognize boundaries care for yourself and others.

Healing And Repair After A Triggering Comment

Practice Exercise •  6-9 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
6-9 minutes

How to get past the sting of a painful comment? Get empathy from self or another. Then connect with the commenter's feelings and needs. The more you can do this the less personally you may take it. Then work together on specific, do-able, authentic agreement about doing something differently next time, the kind that will enable you both to shift out of reactivity. Three things need to be in place for that to work.