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Your Resonant Self: Transforming the Critical Inner Voice (6 Session Course)

Audio •  8 - 11 hours
Intermediate Skill Level
8 - 11 hours

Does your inner dialog sound supportive and encouraging - or more like you’re being yelled at by a critical task-master?  Gain an understanding of the neuroscience of the left and right hemispheres of the human brain and locate just where this savage inner voice is coming from and how to respond to it with empathy.

The first session is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Getting Past Childhood Trauma To Transform Your Chronic Jackal Messages (8 Session Course)

with Susan Skye
Audio •  7 - 9 hours
Intermediate Skill Level
7 - 9 hours

Join Susan Skye as she guides you to experience profound transformation of the inner jackal messages resulting from childhood trauma. Discover how the limbic system of the brain works, and transform jackal messages stored there with compassionate connection.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Three Life Changing Choices Singles Can Make to Avoid Heartbreaking Relationships

Audio •  45 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
45 minutes

Join Eric, as he reveals a clear path from heartbreaking intimate relationships to joyful, thriving intimate relationships. Eric uses his passion for helping singles heal from their past relationships, to help you to experience more ease, joy and mutuality in future relationships.

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