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In the Spotlight:

NVC and Self-Compassion

For the month of April, we shine the spotlight on Mourning. Shantigarbha Warren describes how mourning is not just a process that happens after someone dies: it is an experience we go through with loss of any kind. 

Miki Kashtan shares how mourning can allow us to feel pain with acceptance, and without needing to be okay with what happened. How mourning our way to acceptance can bring us to a place where even all the anguish in the world is fully part of life. 

You will learn skills to deal with disappointment with Erin Merrihew, then learn from Kristin Masters as she gently shows how to unearth feelings and issues that have become tangled up with loss. David Weinstock and Jim and Jori Manske explore mourning and celebration in their own ways, showing how these seemingly opposite things are really two sides of the same gratitude 

Nonviolent Communication Basics

Article •  4 - 6 minutes • 
All Skill Levels
4 - 6 minutes

Here are some very basic forms and distinctions of NVC. It covers the 4 D's, OFNR, some NVC distinctions, tips, quotes from Marshall Rosenberg, and "feelings and needs" lists, and more. As with any art, these rudiments necessarily must be learned, practiced, understood, embodied and then let go of so as not to become rote and block creativity.

Recovering from Reactivity

Audio •  30 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
30 minutes

Join CNVC Certified Trainers Jim and Jori Manske for this session that will help you minimize your reactivity and live in greater choice.

Three Necessities for Integrating NVC

Audio •  1 hour, 11 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
1 hour, 11 minutes

Inspired by a talk given by Marshall Rosenberg, Jim offers an interactive exploration of powerful strategies for making NVC an integral part of your everyday life.

The Zero Step

Audio •  41 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
41 minutes


Jori and Jim Manske offer a process they call "The Zero Step," encompassing the characteristics of warmth toward self and other, care for the vitality of both yourself and other(s), wonder/interest, vulnerability and empathy, which leads directly to connection requests and an openness to outcome.

Mourning and Celebration

Audio •  35 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
35 minutes

Join Jori and Jim Manske to explore, learn and practice an NVC approach to mourning and celebration.

The Power of Forgiveness

Audio •  48 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
48 minutes

Delve into the power of forgiveness with Rodger Sorrow! Listen in as Rodger explores 3 areas: asking for forgiveness, when it's hard to forgive, and forgiving ourselves.

Celebrating Love

Audio •  45 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
45 minutes

Celebrate love with Rodger Sorrow! Listen in as Rodger discusses a range of topics such as defining love, religion and love, and how to handle unloving responses.

Connection Time

Audio •  22 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
22 minutes

Rodger Sorrow introduces us to "Connection Time," a practice for you and a significant other to deepen, broaden and mend your relationship with each other.

Inner Maps of Conflict

Audio •  9 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
9 minutes

In this brief audio segment, John Kinyon offers a guided tour of our inner maps of conflict, including interpersonal mediation, chooser/educator, enemy images and making amends maps.

Integrating Our Relationship To Gratitude And Mourning

Practice Exercise •  3 -5 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
Practice Exercise
3 -5 minutes

Integrating a full living involves grief/mourning and gratitude. Here we'll more deeply integrate inner and outer dimensions of gratitude and grief. In any experience there's the outer aspect, an event that occurs in life. And there's the inner response to the outer event. When we judge the outer positively or negatively we're in tension or resistance to our experience. Here we'll explore a more integrated mode of experiencing.

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