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Facing the Holidays in a Pandemic

Article  • 4 - 6 minutes • 11/2020
Beginner Skill Level
4 - 6 minutes

The pandemic asks us to examine the way we have always done things. It asks to try something new and notice what happens. This is an opportunity to ask why you have done holidays in a certain way and what needs it met to do it that way. Perhaps it is an opportunity to experiment and see what new things might arise. Read on for questions to ask yourself that might help you process your triggers, "should's", feelings, needs and dilemmas.

How to Survive the Holidays: 6 Communication Tips

Article  • 6 - 10 minutes • 12/18/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
6 - 10 minutes

For many, spending time with relatives over the holidays may be challenging. In addition to the love and care we may feel, family gatherings can bring up old hurts or expose painful differences. How many family meals have been marred by tense silence or devolved into harsh argument?

Equanimity and the Holidays

Article  • 2-3 minutes • 11/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
2-3 minutes

If you're unpleasantly triggered during the holidays you may find yourself responding in ways you don't like. Start by acknowledging how affected you are to bring in more curiosity, mindfulness and eventually, authentic and discerning choices.

Social Dynamics During the Holidays

Trainer Tip  • 2 - 3 minutes • 12/2004
Intermediate Skill Level
Trainer Tip
2 - 3 minutes

During the holiday season we may find ourselves taking responsibility for other's feelings, which can lead to guilt, shame, depression, and resentment. These feelings are exacerbated by the habitual pattern we call the "Vortex of Submission" (being hooked by a sense of duty and obligation). Read on for ways to recognize and break the pattern.

Tools for Connecting through the Holidays

Video (Public)  • 11 minutes • 11/10/2019
All Skill Levels
Video (Public)
11 minutes

Want ideas on how to more easily build resilience and navigate life's challenges? Listen in as Jim and Jori review their 4-Step Gratitude Practice and their 60 Challenge Practice, too!