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Multi-session NVC courses (Nonviolent Communication)

Creating and Sustaining Strong Teams (4 Session Course)

Audio •  5 - 7 hours • 
Intermediate Skill Level
5 - 7 hours

In this course recording, you'll encounter new abilities and learn how to collaborate effectively from WITHIN a team. You'll be invited to build on interpersonal relationships, and branch out into the exciting challenges present when people work together toward a shared purpose.

The Building Blocks of Interpersonal Collaboration (4 Session Course)

Audio •  5 -7 hours • 
Intermediate Skill Level
5 -7 hours

Don’t know how to effectively work through differences with others in your organization? You are not alone… Like most of us, you simply lack the training and skills – and that’s what you’ll acquire listening to this course recording. Join Miki and learn specific tools and tips that work – for everyone!

Heaven And Hell

Trainer Tip •  1-2 minutes • 
Introductory Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1-2 minutes

Read this short Japanese parable that symbolically illustrates the outcomes of having a competitive mindset – in contrast to an interdependent, collaborative one where everyone wins. It’s a story that encapsulates part of the spirit of NVC.

Making Collaboration Real: Connection and Effectiveness in the Workplace Using NVC (3 Session Course)

Audio •  3 - 4 hours • 
Intermediate Skill Level
3 - 4 hours

This 3-session course recording facilitated by Francois Beausoleil, Martha Lasley and Miki Kashtan will support you in bringing NVC consciousness to your workplace or organization.

The Paradox Of Why

Article •  9-13 minutes • 
All Skill Levels
9-13 minutes

So often we're habituated to associate a “why” question with being reproached, blamed or shamed – and so defensiveness arises. However, in order to maintain a flow of understanding and collaboration, we need to hear and say the “why” while finding other ways to ask for it. Here we look at how to ask questions that bring each of us vital information that can open up discovery and learning, for our mutual benefit.

Feedback without Criticism

Audio •  58 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
58 minutes

Why Is giving feedback important and what makes it hard? Learn what makes giving and receiving feedback challenging and how you can turn these experiences into opportunities for learning, connection, and effective functioning.

Needs-Based Negotiation: 3 Stages Of Dialogue And 3 Types Of Reactivity

Practice Exercise •  6 - 9 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
6 - 9 minutes

When there's quality connection then collaboration and creativity generosity of heart can come. Then strategies honoring everyone’s needs are easier. This requires us to trust connection, hear needs, brainstorm, experiment, prepare, and hold confidence that everyone’s needs can be met. Needs-based negotiation starts there. What derails this? Feeling urgency, listening from our (dis)likes or opinions, and dire predictions.

Taking 100% Responsibility for Every Relationship

Audio •  44 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
44 minutes

Taking 100% Responsibility offers a powerful antidote to the all-too-common dynamic of blaming that leaves you in the victim position and unable to have the relationship you want. Miki invites you to assume a stance of leadership while holding full care for both parties’ needs. No longer will you need to wait for the other person to change, nor will you need to give up your needs to reach harmony.

Considering Everyone’s Needs Brings Peace

Trainer Tip •  1 - 2 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: We feel our freedom when we are willing to look at others’ needs and our own, evaluate all of them and work toward valuing everyone’s needs. Take the time to demonstrate that you value everyone’s needs as much as your own today.

Dialogue with the World at Large (4 Session Course)

Audio •  7 - 9 hours • 
Intermediate Skill Level
7 - 9 hours

A chosen, interdependent world… In most cases, that's sure not the world we live in today, is it. But it could be the world we live in tomorrow. And you can choose to be part of bringing that better world to life – to be part of a gradual, joyful transformation – simply by using the dynamic, living power of Dialogue.

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