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Self-Empathy: A Guided Tour and Experience (Parts 1-2)

Audio •  19 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
19 minutes

Experience the remarkable healing power of self-empathy, guided by CNVC Certified Trainers, Mary Mackenzie and Raj Gill. In this audio course, the trainers lead participants through a demonstration and then supplement the learning with discussion and answers to questions.

Witnessing Humanity

Audio •  40 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
40 minutes

CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan talks about what she calls "witnessing humanity," touching on the gift of presence, empathy vs. identification and staying present in the face of intensity.

Everyday Parenting Challenges

Audio •  1 hour, 32 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 32 minutes

Ingrid guides parents to navigate everyday parenting challenges using the NVC model, such as the behavior of a frustrated child, a messy room, transition times and a child who collapses when things don't work out as she had hoped.

Observation: The Awareness of the Thoughts, Stories and Core Beliefs to Enhance Connection

Audio •  2 hours, 10 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
2 hours, 10 minutes

In this recorded telecourse, John Kinyon, world renowned CNVC Certified Trainer, guides you through processes to strengthen your capacity for mindful presence and awareness of your thinking, and to develop the skills to translate thoughts into observations.

Truth as an Act of Love

Audio •  2 hours, 14 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
2 hours, 14 minutes

Speaking the truth creates congruence, which creates trust, facilitating understanding and cooperation. Without truth there is no growth in our relationships and community. If this is true, then what keeps us from speaking our truth?

Integrating NVC (6 Session Course)

Audio •  6.5 - 9 hours • 
Intermediate Skill Level
6.5 - 9 hours

Does NVC seem like a good idea, but not practical? Do you feel frustrated when you find yourself in the same jackal scenario repeatedly? Let beloved trainer Kathleen Macferran guide you toward integrating NVC into all aspects of your life.

Compassionate Mediation: How NVC Can Bring People Together Across Differences

with Jeff Brown
Audio •  36 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
36 minutes

Jeff shows us how to emply NVC to supercharge the possibility of transformation between two people in a mediation process.

Power Relations and Connection Across Differences in US Society: An NVC Perspective (4 Session Course)

Audio •  3 hours, 17 minutes • 
Advanced Skill Level
3 hours, 17 minutes

Join CNVC Certified Trainers Inbal Kashtan and Roxy Manning, for a passionate and intimate exploration of how NVC can support personal and social transformation in the area of power relations and social divisions.

Courageous Living Towards the World We Want

Audio •  32 minutes • 
Advanced Skill Level
32 minutes

Miki speaks to peace activists about connecting with the life vision in those who stimulate pain in them.

Key Assumptions and Intentions of NVC

Article •  3 - 4 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
3 - 4 minutes

NVC practice is based on several key assumptions and intentions. When we live based on these assumptions and intentions, self-connection and connection with others become increasingly possible and easy, helping us contribute to a world where everyone’s needs are attended to peacefully.

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