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Inner Maps of Conflict

Audio  • 9 minutes • 09/12/2011
Intermediate Skill Level
9 minutes

In this brief audio segment, John Kinyon offers a guided tour of our inner maps of conflict, including interpersonal mediation, chooser/educator, enemy images and making amends maps.

Mediate Your Life: Resolving Internal Conflicts (Part 5)

Audio  • 1 hour, 19 minutes • 10/28/2014
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 19 minutes

If you wish you could stay more centered and present in the face of difficult or demanding situations, this course will provide some powerful tools for you. In this session, join John and Ike as they review the Chooser-Educator Process (C-E) and demonstrate the "Barriers in the Chairs" process to help you get beyond the obstacles that keep you from your goals.

Mediate Your Life: Chooser Educator Map

Audio  • 12 minutes • 01/26/2016
Intermediate Skill Level
12 minutes

When you have intrusive thoughts about yourself and feel ‘crummy,’ Ike recommends using the Chooser / Educator map as a guide to lead you out of the primitive part of your brain and back to your prefrontal cortex. Both the Chooser and the Educator want to contribute to your well being, but in different ways. This map facilitates having a positive conversation with them.

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