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Embracing Your Wounded Child

Video (Public) •  00:45 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:45 hours:minutes
Martha firmly believes in the old adage, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Why? Because your wounded child carries all your burdens, and can tell you exactly what they need in order to find healing! Listen.

Social Change: Supporting Inclusion at NVC Events

Video (Public) •  00:13 hours:minutes
All Skill Levels
Video (Public)
00:13 hours:minutes

How can we support inclusion rather than exclusion at NVC events, and why aren't more people of color attending? What subjects are being focused on? Who are they relevant for? Who do they touch? Whose subjects are not being talked about? Listen In.

Social Change: Privilege Identity Exploration

Video (Public) •  7 minutes
All Skill Levels
Video (Public)
7 minutes

What exactly IS privilege? In this powerful excerpt, Roxy and Martha explore ten areas where privilege often shows up in our lives. Check it out, and discover what makes up YOUR “privilege identity pie!” Listen In.

Social Change: Racial Fragility

Video (Public) •  00:12 hours:minutes
All Skill Levels
Video (Public)
00:12 hours:minutes

Do you experience discomfort when confronted about insensitivity, inequality, or injustice? How do entitlements, rank, and unearned advantages impact your interactions with others? Check out Roxy’s powerful excerpt on white fragility… Listen In.

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