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Simple Self-Empathy Tools to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Audio (Public)  • 00:39 hours:minutes • 12/2011
Introductory Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:39 hours:minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainer Mary Mackenzie to learn a few of her tried-and-true simple Self-Empathy techniques, especially focused on the challenges of the holiday season.

Nonviolent Communication Circle of Life

Learning Tool  • N/A • 01/2010
Introductory Skill Level
Learning Tool

The NVC Circle of Life is a mandala illustrating the process and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication. Mandala literally means "sacred circle" and symbolizes wholeness, balance and harmony.


Audio (Public)  • 00:08 hours:minutes • 02/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:08 hours:minutes
Do you find yourself struggling sometimes with self-empathy? Are you looking for greater clarity and ease around it? We’ve got your back. Get yourself a piece of paper and follow Mary Mackenzie through the intensive self-empathy method she calls The Mackenzie Wrap! Check it Out.

What Would Be Possible If I Loved Myself?

Audio (Public)  • 00:09 hours:minutes • 05/06/2014
Beginner Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:09 hours:minutes
How do we deal with ourselves when we're less than perfect? Listen in as Kathleen guides you through a 6-step exercise in empathic presence based on Marshall Rosenberg's Self-Empathy process.

ZENVC Exercise

Audio (Public)  • 00:12 hours:minutes • 11/01/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:12 hours:minutes
In this awareness exercise, Jesse approaches NVC from a Tai Chi or Zen perspective, enabling you to witness what is in relationship to a specific focus. He draws attention to the lived experience of an object rather than using words as a substitute for the felt experience. Listen in.

Healing Shame

Audio (Public)  • 12 minutes • 11/21/2020
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
12 minutes

What do you do with feelings of shame? During this 12-minute excerpt from her course, From Shame to Vulnerability, Liv Larsson uses The Compass to explore the four directions you can move to when experiencing shame, and guides you through the different responses.

Jump In Now: Facilitation Basics

Video Conference  • 8 hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Clarify and accentuate your personal teaching style
  • Build a strong NVC network and support system
  • Expand your capacity for living in NVC consciousness
  • Learn how to balance everyone’s needs – yours included
  • Fall in love with NVC all over again

Effective eMail

Interactive (Public)  • 30 minutes estimated completion time • 11/2006
Introductory Skill Level
Interactive (Public)
30 minutes estimated completion time
EMail is a primary mode of communication in our culture today, yet few of us have been trained on how to write eMails effectively. Take this course on effective eMail and learn concrete, do-able Super Tips to enhance your success with eMail communication..

An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Interactive (Public)  • 2 hours estimated completion time • 11/2006
Introductory Skill Level
Interactive (Public)
2 hours estimated completion time
Learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and you will experience more ease and joy in all your relationships! This brief introductory online course gives you a "taste" of what the NVC process has to offer you.

The Illusion of Conflicting Needs

Practice Exercise  • 30 minutes • 09/08/2019
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
30 minutes

This exercise will help you resolve situations in which you have two needs which seem to be in conflict with each other, transforming inner conflict into peace.