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Beyond Right and Wrong (Parts 1-3)

Video (Public)  • 00:44 hours:minutes • 03/2007
Introductory Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:44 hours:minutes
Using a Powerpoint presentation, Bridget Belgrave, CNVC Certified Trainer from the United Kingdom, demonstrates the key principles of Nonviolent Communication. Starting with needs at the center, Bridget builds a visual structure of the NVC process.

Social Change

Video (Public)  • 13 minutes • 11/16/2019
All Skill Levels
Video (Public)
13 minutes

Listen in as Roxy explains how NVC approaches systemic change: through the protective use of force, the ability to self connect and connect to others, requests vs. demands, and understanding needs that are motivating behaviors. 

NVC Tools: Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests

with Wes Taylor
Video (Public)  • 00:28 hours:minutes • 01/2007
Introductory Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:28 hours:minutes
In this introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Wes Taylor discusses the two basic aspects of NVC, the consciousness and the tools that help manifest the consciousness.

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