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Self Assessment Matrix

Learning Tools (Public) •  00:28 hours:minutes
All Skill Levels
Learning Tools (Public)
00:28 hours:minutes
This self-assessment Matrix is a concrete step toward naming and clarifying many skills that you may find valuable in your life. We suggest you periodically assess your skills to track your progress.

Self-Connection Exercise: Awareness

Audio •  9 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
9 minutes

Join Jim Manske as he leads you through a self-connection exercise to guide you toward welcoming whatever enters into your awareness.

Recovering from Reactivity Series: Taking a Step Back

Audio •  14 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
14 minutes

Join Jim and Jori Manske in a thought experiment exercise designed to help us become more aware of our conditioning, allowing us to make more conscious and connected choices in the face of conflict.

Thank You: Finding the Gift in Everything That Happens

Audio •  1 hour, 11 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
1 hour, 11 minutes

Jim and Jori Manske share strategies for employing gratitude to create more joy in life, jettisoning the fear of asking for what you want, and welcoming feedback no matter how it is delivered.

Taste of Compassionate Leadership Series: Winning the Blame Game

Audio •  47 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
47 minutes

Jim and Jori Manske offer insight into blame, how it arises and how do we handle being blamed and our own blame of others.

Communicating with Family Across Political Divides

Audio •  17 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
17 minutes

CNVC Certified Trainer Miki Kashtan talks with radio show host Hollis Polk about strategies for communicating with family members whose political views oppose our own.

Create a Flourishing Life with Gratitude

Audio •  28 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
28 minutes

Join CNVC Certified Trainer Jori Manske in an exploration of how gratitude can enable you to remain more present moment to moment, thus enabling you to flourish in your life!

Cultivating Vitality

Audio •  18 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
18 minutes

Learn how to use NVC consciousness to cultivate vitality, wake up your life and re-map your old patterns by blending NVC with the Positive Psychology work of Martin Seligman.

Developing Presence

Audio •  29 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
29 minutes

In this learning module, Jim and Jori Manske will lead you through a presence exercise, provide an overview of presence and give you daily exercises you can use to develop your “presence muscle.”

Developing Observation Skills

Audio •  23 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
23 minutes

In this introductory audio with CNVC Certified Trainers, Jim and Jori Manske, you will learn the difference between an observation and an evaluation, and how discerning between the two improves your ability to stay present in the moment. Included are daily practices for developing your observational skills.