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From Awareness to Action: Creating Bridges Across Differences

Audio  • 45 minutes • 1/1/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
45 minutes

For many people, attempting to connect with others across differences can feel akin to walking through a minefield. With humility, tenderness, and courage, Roxy challenges your perspectives and encourages you to open your heart and mind. 

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Audio  • 52 minutes • 1/1/2022
Beginner Skill Level
52 minutes

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed – or locked into passivity? This course offers you a way out. Learn to change the way you perceive leadership, and you’ll help yourself respond more powerfully and proactively every day of your life – wherever you are – and whomever you’re with!

Applying Mindful Compassionate Dialogue To Violence In Ukraine

Practice Exercise  • 12 -17 mins • 03/08/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
12 -17 mins

How to maintain conscious connection and compassion as you grapple with the tragic violence in Ukraine? Here we'll look at dissolving enemy images we have, inviting mourning, maintaining self connection that benefits our global community, creating ideas for action, acknowledging the power of what we envision, and engaging in an exercise for applying consciousness and skills to an imaginary scenario.

Transforming Complaint

Trainer Tip  • 1 - 2 minutes • 08/2020
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: NVC-based social change naturally emerges from “a certain kind of spirituality”, a quality of spiritual clarity. Intuitions and impulses arising from spiritual clarity are more likely to support sustainable systems. Read on for how to bring more of this in, and ways to transform your complaint into commitment.

Responding to the Call of Our Times - Living into Your Power

Video  • 45 minutes • 10/2017
Beginner Skill Level
45 minutes

Want a world that truly works for everyone? What are you going to do right now to help it efficiently move in that direction from wherever you are? Listen to Miki’s coaching and guidance as she’s helping participants with their challenges.

Responding to the Call of Our Times - What's happening now?

Video  • 48 minutes • 11/17/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
48 minutes

I love the insights, resources, and inspiration I get from this course. It gives you a glimpse into the support Miki offers around deepening the practice of nonviolence in thought, word, and action.
—Lore Baur, NVCA Course Coordinator, CNVC Certified Trainer.

Miki is sharing what that means "Responding to the Call of our Time" for her and invites us to feel that call. This video illustrates how she is helping participants through teaching, coaching and mentoring so they can move forward with their challenges.

Hit the Ground Running: How to Build and Sustain your NVC Business

Video  • 1 hour, 10 minutes • 07/05/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 10 minutes

Listen in as Dian shares her vision for spreading NVC through the world, and engages with participants in sharing their visions, and the areas in which they are seeking support. This session stresses the value of visioning work.

Inspiring Organizations and Businesses to Consider NVC

Video  • 25 minutes • Circa 2006
Advanced Skill Level
25 minutes

In this brief but inspiring 3-part video series Gregg Kendrick, CNVC Certified Trainer and business leader, shares his experiences of embracing NVC within several organizations over several years.


Video  • 8 minutes • 05/29/2018
Beginner Skill Level
8 minutes

How does it benefit you and the world to learn about privilege? How can NVC and Interpersonal Neurobiology help you see yourself and your patterns with compassion? How does using empathy address brain structures and patterns that have been embedded in privilege? Listen to Sarah’s answers.

Responding to the Call of Our Times

Video  • 5 minutes • 01/28/2019
Beginner Skill Level
5 minutes

Listen in as Miki challenges participants to step beyond the comfort or discomfort of their lives, and encourages them to instead take responsibility for their part in sustaining life on this planet, and more.

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