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Colloquial NVC Options

Learning Tool  • 2 pages • 01/2010
Intermediate Skill Level
Learning Tool
2 pages

How can we express ourselves in a way that supports a natural flow of connection while maintaining a focus on NVC consciousness? This handout from CNVC Certified Trainer, Miki Kashtan, offers seven options that support NVC enthusiasts in evolving from classical to colloquial NVC language.

NVC in Hostage Negotiations and Hospitals: An Interview

with Wes Taylor
Audio  • 21 minutes • 03/2009
Beginner Skill Level
21 minutes

In this inspiring interview, Wes Taylor relays a story of how Nonviolent Communication is successfully used in law enforcement, and some of his challenges and joys in infusing Nonviolent Communication into a Maryland hospital culture.

Opening Hearts in Israel, Palestine, India and Sri Lanka

Article  • 11 pages • 02/2012
Beginner Skill Level
11 pages

CNVC Certified Trainer Shantigarbha Warren offers a report of his recent NVC training trip to Israel/Palestine, India and Sri Lanka and clarifies how NVC can support social change in three very different contexts. Included is an exercise, based on Gandhi’s teaching.

Effectiveness of the NVC Process in Coping with Violence and Pain

Audio  • 6 minutes • 02/2007
Advanced Skill Level
6 minutes

Ask the Trainer: An NVC Academy member from Bosnia asks: "Is the NVC process truly effective in places where so much violence has occurred and people's pain is very deep?"

Inspiring Organizations and Businesses to Consider NVC

Video  • 25 minutes • Circa 2006
Advanced Skill Level
25 minutes

In this brief but inspiring 3-part video series Gregg Kendrick, CNVC Certified Trainer and business leader, shares his experiences of embracing NVC within several organizations over several years.

What the World Needs

Article  • 4 - 6 minutes • 11/2008
Beginner Skill Level
4 - 6 minutes

In this written transcript of a live presentation, Inbal Kashtan shares how she first became aware of poverty. She explains how empathy is a vital and powerful force for creating peace in our world today, and a powerful means of creating a world that works for all of us.

Courageous Living Towards the World We Want

Audio  • 32 minutes • 12/2009
Advanced Skill Level
32 minutes

Miki speaks to peace activists about connecting with the life vision in those who stimulate pain in them.

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